Thursday, April 1, 2010

Penguins Present: Pig and Cow on a Stick!

testing, testing... We're in!  Skipper I've hacked into the main account.

Outstanding.  All right boys, commence Operation: Penguin Cookbook Blog! Here's a recipe for invasion.

Silicone-coated weapon? Check.
Plastic kidnapping bag? Check.
Twine tying material? Check.
Wooden Skewers? Check.
2 shallots? Check.
1 Pig and 1 Cow? Almost check...

1. we need to take out the lesser intelligent quadripeds.

no one saw anything...
2. Tie 'em up before they can get away.

3. Add shallots for flavor.  Grill.

4. Prepare for a big meal.

Allright boys, I think we've taught them a lesson.  Never trust a penguin - especially on April Fools Day.

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