Monday, April 26, 2010

Once upon a time there was... Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches

It's Breakfast Week at the Castle Farm Cookbook! Each day this week, we'll be posting a great breakfast recipe.  This first one is so easy and versatile, we think of it as more of an idea than a recipe; it's our famous breakfast sandwiches.  We were eating at Starbucks one morning and we ordered a turkey bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich - all they had to do to make it for us was pop it in the oven - it was already pre-assembled.  So, we figured we can do that too!

We don't have a list of ingredients because it depends on how many you are making and what you put in them...   You can really mix and match with your ingredients to make it healthy or just tasty.  I prefer turkey bacon while the cow likes regular.

Sometimes we use a reduced fat cheese and we also mix up what kind of english muffins we use.

The choices are endless.  Basically you will need: a bread, an egg product, and maybe a meat and/or cheese.

We set up our griddle like this:

For the eggs:

We keep the whole process moving by always having a whisked egg in waiting next to the grill, one we put in the corner to start cooking (our stove tilts to this corner, be careful about which way your stove is tilted or your egg might try to run away), and another that is finishing cooking.  
We cook our turkey bacon while the eggs are cooking because turkey bacon doesn't have a lot of grease.  We cook the regular bacon when everything else is finished.

Once everything is cooked up, we assemble the sandwiches like so:

Then we wrap them in a piece of foil.

In the morning, all we have to do is pop it in the toaster oven for a few minutes and we have a melty delicious breakfast sandwich just how we like it! We have also microwaved them for about 30 seconds too (just don't use foil!)

That's it! It takes us close to an hour from start to clean-kitchen-finish, but we have wonderful breakfasts for the two of us for the whole week.

Check back tomorrow for another great breakfast idea.  (It's breakfast week, that's how this works.)

pig, out!

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  1. Super yummo! Great idea... I'll def be doing this. :)


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