Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Once upon a time there was... Amaretto Cream Sauce

While we are big fans of alcohol in cooking, we think amaretto is an underused ingredient. There are always recipes with wine and beer and even rum - but amaretto? Not often. We have a delicious recipe for an Amaretto Cake, but amaretto in a cream sauce is a whole new type of deliciousness. Variations of this recipe are all over the web.

ingredients (serves 6)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp garlic, minced
1 Tbsp shallots, minced
2 Tbsp Disaronno amaretto
1 c chicken stock
1.5 c heavy whipping cream
2 Tbsp chives
seasonings to taste: salt, pepper, garlic powder
6 oz pasta


1. Cook pasta according to package directions.

2. heat oil in a skillet. Add garlic and shallots, sautee until tender.

3. Add Disaronno!
Cal's tip: be careful, alcohol can catch on fire. You may want to remove the pan from the heat when you add it.

Cal's note: There is no picture of this part because we were very busy being careful and not catching anything on fire.

4. Cook until liquid is reduced by half. Add chicken stock and reduce by half again.

Add cream, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and cook until thickened.

Cal's tip: This does still make a thin sauce (see pictures) if you like your sauce to be thicker, try mixing some flour or cornstarch into your cream before adding it. That will thicken it up nicely.

5. Remove pan from heat, stir in chives, and toss with pasta.

This sauce has a very nice, slightly sweet flavor. We know you will enjoy it as much as we did!


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