Friday, April 23, 2010

Blooper Friday! Potato Tortilla Fail!

Let me start off by saying that this was delicious - it only looks like a pile of goop. The problem definitely was not with the recipe or the food itself. It came from our wonderful Spanish cookbook that we love and the problem was certainly user error and lack of Spanish cooking skills.

We saw our Spanish friend who gave us the cookbook recently and asked her about how we managed to mess this up so badly.  She gave us some good tips that hopefully will lead to a tortilla that looks like a tortilla next time.  We definitely hope to share this recipe with you in the future as a success story.  For now, we give you another edition of Blooper Friday! aka your chance to laugh at us.  But it's ok, we have a good sense of humor about our failures!

So, it started out with a pile of potatoes and onions.

They simmered for a while to soften the potato and brown the onion.

Then we removed the softened pan of yumminess, and added egg and seasonings.

Then, we returned to the pan to turn all of this into the tortilla.  See, this looks like its going ok!

Apparently, we cooked it a little too fast and long, because when we tried to flip it this is what happened....

It stuck in places, slightly burnt in mostly-those-same-places, and generally did not cooperate.  It should work kind of like an omelette, where it cooks nicely and evenly and flips cleanly.  We have clearly learned that delicious Spanish cooking simply cannot be rushed. Unless you don't mind eating a pile of goop for dinner...

But really, although it did not make beautiful pictures, it was still yummy in our bellies.  We will not give up on the Potato Tortilla! It may have looked more like a breakfast casserole than a fine dinner, but we have (hopefully) learned our lessons!


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  1. Thanks for the tortilla recipe! I'm brushing up on my Spanish cooking, studying Spanish too on ( I find it rewarding to learn the cuisine and language in tandem...


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