Friday, October 2, 2009

Once upon a time there was... a blog

Hi there! 

Thanks for visiting our blog. Cornelius (he's the pig) and I (Cal the cow) are full-time stuffed animals who enjoy cooking, travelling, rolling in mud and other sophisticated activities. 

We live with two three humans and a bulldog on a beautiful castle-farm just outside the beltway in Northern Virginia  in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  

We make good food.  We make even better messes.  

And like most food blogs, we spend more time taking and editing pictures than actually cooking.  However, to date we haven't had a pictured accepted to  We're pretty sure they are discriminating against farm animals and plan to take action soon.



  1. Awww how cute lol
    Can't wait to read more lol

  2. Hi Ryann! Your Father in-law emailed me your link and I'm totally in love with your site! I would love to feature one of your recipes on my site! Check it out and email me with your thoughts :)

    Love, Ghada

  3. This is too cute.

  4. Really cute stuffed animals and creative blog. Plus your recipes look great!
    Thanks, I'll be back.


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