Friday, April 9, 2010

Blooper Friday! Chicken with Red Wine Fail

Looks great right? Well just be glad you didn't try to eat it.

We've decided to start a new tradition we call Blooper Friday!  Sometimes we make a recipe, (like this one), and it looks beautiful, but something goes wrong and it tastes terrible... Other times, it tastes great but doesn't look very pretty.  We don't think we should post a recipe that didn't work out, but we also think keeping these pictures to ourselves would be a waste!

We've got some bloopers set up for the next few weeks, but hopefully we won't have so many that this will be an EVERY Friday tradition...

Here's what happened:

It started out like many other recipes - sauteing some garlic in oil.

We added our chicken. (So far, so good)

The recipe involved alcohol, specifically red wine, which is usually a good sign.

and brown sugar.  So we've got garlic, chicken, red wine, and brown sugar - seriously, how can this go wrong!

We think it was still ok when we were simmering all those delicious things together to cook the chicken through.

We removed the chicken, perfectly cooked.

But here's where we think it went wrong.  We were supposed to simmer the sauce a little longer to thicken it up.  It just wouldn't thicken.  So we let it go a little longer.  And a little longer....
And finally it thickened up! So we set a nice scene and took some lovely pictures.

See how proud we are?

Then we tried to stick a fork in it.

We wish we took a picture to show you what happened (now we know that we are going to keep track of our bloopers, we will keep that in mind).  The sauce hardened to an impossible consistency.  It crusted to the rice and it was as if we had dipped our chicken in plastic.  I don't remember any more what we ate for dinner that night, but it wasn't this!

So you see Castle Farm Cookbook readers, even highly skilled cows and pigs mess up sometimes.  More to come next week (unfortunately)!

pig, out!

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