Friday, April 30, 2010

Blooper Friday! Pear Muffins

Well readers, Breakfast Week has come to a close.  We have showed you four delicious breakfast meals.  What are you missing? One not-so-delicious breakfast meal! Obviously, we are not going to share the recipe for this one because we were very unimpressed.  They weren't awful, just not great - a little dry, a little small, definitely not CFC blog material.  But they look so beautiful in pictures! So, in the spirit of Blooper Friday, here's our Breakfast Week blooper.

For a blooper-end-result, these muffins were a lot of work!  We had all kinds of things to mix up,

and pears to peel,

and chop.

The batter looked like it was going to be yummy.
Especially after we added the pear chunks.

We were slightly concerned when it was in the muffin cups because it looked a little thick/chunky...
But once we added the crumbly top
We thought it looked too good to turn out poorly!

And when they came out of the oven, we really thought they looked great!

So great we took all kinds of lovely pictures -

 - outside.

We posed with them, proud of our creation.

But then we ate one.  And we were very disappointed.  How could a muffin filled with such yumminess and that looks so beautiful taste so - blah?  We're not entirely sure.  But we're not going to share this recipe until we get it right! We hope you enjoyed Breakfast Week!!

Pig, out.

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