Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greek Week Presents... Pastitsio!

so here's what happened... i (the pig) got sick.  drugged up on cold medicine, head-pounding, sinus infection sick.  so greek week, and our birthday celebration, came to an abrupt halt.  the celebration will continue - just slightly delayed...


ok, I should say almost presents.  I am writing this at 10:15 Tues night, and we just put it in the oven.  It bakes 45-60 minutes.  Then it has to sit at least 30 before we can touch it.  And we haven't cleaned the disaster we made in the kitchen or prepared for tomorrow.  So, this post is coming...  we promised you a recipe every day and we will deliver! Just maybe not until like 10 pm tonight.

but i really think it might be the most amazing thing we've ever made.  its like a giant baking sheet of glory.   soon you will see...

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