Friday, September 17, 2010

Baltic Cruise

Unlike our other posts this week, this post is not about cheese. It is also not a Blooper. It's not even about food at all! Now you are probably thinking what kind of a food blog is this??? We promise, there is a perfectly good explanation!

We left you all hanging without any new posts for a long time this summer. . . While you were all staring at your computer screens hoping and praying for your favorite food blogging animals to return, we were busy taking vacations. We shared some pictures here and here of our International Tour of America roadtrip, but we did not post pictures of our other summer adventure. So, while we were not sharing delicious recipes with you, here's what we were up to!

toured Copenhagen

standing on either side of the Berlin Wall

beer and pretzels in Germany

we got into some trouble in Estonia...

... and Germany ....
... and Denmark ....
... and on the ship.

Peterhof in St. Petersburg

we had a wonderful meal with a Russian family

Catherine's Palace in St. Petersburg

Church on the Spilled Blood

A scenic harbor tour in Finland

just because we weren't posting recipes doesn't mean we weren't eating...

Well that's all the pictures for now! We'll be back to your regularly scheduled food next week!

pig, out!

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  1. It's obvious Cornie and Moo had fun but we may never know about Ry & Jeff? I think I'd like an Absolut IceBar...hmmmm, could be an idea for the 4th here:)


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