Friday, March 19, 2010

Once upon a time there was... Italian Pesto Chicken

This dinner is super impressive.  There is something about food that's rolled up that says "look how fancy I cook and how obviously skilled I am".  So if you are trying to impress someone or just like food thats pretty to look at, give this one a try.  This recipe is adapted from Jean May's cookbook titled "Chicken".

2 chicken breasts
2 Tbsp sun-dried tomatoes in oil, drained and chopped
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/4 c white wine
3.5 oz chopped tomato (fresh or canned)
2 Tbsp pesto


1.  Beat the chicken until its flat. Preheat the oven to 350.

2. Spread 1 Tbsp pesto on each chicken.

3. Top with 1 Tbsp sun dried tomatoes.

4. Roll up the chickens, (try not to make too big of a mess), stab and secure them with toothpicks.

5. Drizzle olive oil in a baking dish.  Place chickens on the oil.  (Maybe drizzle some more on top for added deliciousness.)  Pour the wine over them .  Toss in some tomatoes.

6.  Bake chicken about 30 min, or until cooked through.

We recommend serving with some linguine tossed with more of your pesto.
Then your plate will look all fancy like ours.

That's all for Pesto Week, but it won't be the end of pesto recipes! We'll show you some more someday.

Here's the nutritional info:

Pig, out.


  1. That looks Divine. I will have to try that one!

  2. Hi, found your blog through Lorena's FB status... I love your pictures! So adorable. And you're exactly on the same page as me, I was *just* thinking about making some pesto the other day. Probably not basil because in Colorado's winter, fresh basil costs $10 (and an appendage) per package. But regardless I'm really enjoying your blog!


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