Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cow + Pig = Sheep?

Although we haven't been around much, we have four good reasons for our extended absence: 

1. We moved!  

We bounced between various rental barns in Northern Virginia and the last place we were at was really difficult to cook and blog in (see terrible pictures in the hamburger cookie post). 

No matter how many extra lights we put in that tiny kitchen, we still couldn't get good pictures, and the lack of space made it hard to do anything complicated.  Finally, enough was enough! We packed our boxes and bought a beautiful (permanent) castle farm in PA.  

2. We made a giant kitchen! 

We loved everything about our new farm - except the kitchen.  So we changed it from this: 

to this: 

Well, we also added door handles and microwave, but I think you get the idea.

There is so much room for pigs and cows to frolic on the shiny new countertops!  Plus the white background and lights are very flattering to our figures.  Don't worry, we'll give you a full kitchen tour in the next post.

3. We got a fancy camera! 

It occurs to me now that this is not really an excuse for not blogging.  But it is still exciting.

We've always liked our trusty old point and shoot.  It's great for vacations and everyday use.  But for food photography it was a little lacking.  

After begging our humans, they finally caved and bought us a DSLR.  Our humans tell us they didn't buy it just for us though... it's because -

4.  We got a sheep! 

Cow + Pig = Sheep, right? I (Cornelius) thought it should be a Pow, but I was told that didn't make any sense.  So we call it a Sheep.  

Confused?  Our humans had a baby!  It looks like this: 

And sometimes it tries to eat us.  But we are hopeful that in the future it will be less bitey.

What's Next?

So now for the question that is on everyone's minds - since we have a house/kitchen/fancy camera/sheep assistant, will you start to see our cute faces more frequently?

We hope so!

We have a lot of big plans like relocating this blog to our own domain and expanding beyond just food (we are well-rounded animals after all).

But we just wanted to check in and say we haven't forgotten about you loyal readers!

Until then,

Pig, out.

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  1. So glad you are coming back! Love your blog...

    totally understand the reasons for your hiatus, my own blog has taken a hit after baby #2. It can be tough to make the time.


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